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Early stages of HP

I was a middle class and average student in school and college days. However, due to the interest in biology,i wanted to become a doctor. Even though the first entrance exam was not necessarily a bad one, I felt confident and i took the risk and joined in repeating course. just for a thought I wrote the engineering exam along with the medical entrance exam as well. But the result was not as expected, i didn't qualified for medical seat, so I enrolled in the engineering course by leaving my dream course. I took up this courageous act by hiding myself from my hatred of capability in mathematics. After the first year's results, things seemed to be going wrong beyond than my expectations. First year results was terrible!

First job-2015 July

Somehow I completed my course in Biotechnology and Biochemical engineering by the end of 2015. My life changed beyond that. Later the next itself i got a job and i started to work in a pharmaceutical company in Chennai. That was my first job as an engineer, that company was manufacturing company based is Chennai. I almost completed 3 months of my employment life in there. My first salary was 8000, out of that i have to pay my rent for 5000 so , the balance amount was just for surviving until the next month salary date. anyways I survived for three months there, and i quit my first job for finding a better opportunity so I forced to left Chennai.

life as Techie- 2015 Dec

After coming home I started to search for jobs, i didn't find anything related to my course, my experience or with my talents. I almost fed up and quit searching. Suddenly one day i got a call from one of a company from techno park and asked me for attending an interview. I was happy and confused,nothing because I'am a person who don't know anything about the computer. However i attend the interview and come back to home, few weeks later I got my appointment letter to join the company with a salary or 15 k for the role of tagging analyst. I have no idea about my job.

That time period was the life changing moment of my life as an artist.


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